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More Than Your Average Editor

I know it can be difficult to find the right editor. You’ve spent countless hours writing and rewriting your manuscript. And then cutting and rewriting some more. Late nights, sometimes tears, baring your soul to write your story. But you want the best version of that when it’s time to publish. You’ve spent so much time in your work, you need a break and a fresh set of eyes on it. Besides that, you need someone who understands the vulnerability it requires to put your work out into the world. Someone who can not only correct the mechanical errors of the work but also improve the flow and readability of it, all within your own writing style. Someone who will offer you honest, empathic, and constructive feedback on structure and development. I am that person.

Editing Services

Rates are negotiated based on individual projects.

Developmental Editing

In-depth analysis and feedback on various aspects of the manuscript, including plot development, pacing, character development, dialogue, and overall storytelling.

Line Editing

Line-by-line editing for style, readability, concision, and syntax. More art than science.

Copy Editing

More science than art, copy editing follows the rules of the English language. It edits for the mechanics, such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, consistency, and formatting.


Performed after line and copy editing before the manuscript goes to publication. Typically performed on a PDF, it’s the last review to catch spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors and inconsistencies.

Cookbook/Recipe Editing

Line and copy editing but with specialized training on editing the headnote, ingredient list, and recipe method. In addition to editing for style, flow, and mechanics, I also check for measurement precision, cooking accuracy, and instruction clarity.


Compile and format a list of topics and terms for the reader to easily locate within the text. This comes at the very end of the publishing process once the book design is completed, typically from a PDF.

Manuscript Maven is a small, woman-owned editing business based in Central Illinois.

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